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An innovative science-based natural products company in the heart of New Zealand

Enzo Nutraceuticals Ltd is the exclusive producer and supplier of New Zealand Pinus radiata bark extract brand Enzogenol®. We work with companies to help develop innovative health enhancing products. We base our product development on sound scientific principles and environmentally friendly production methods.

Our People

David Giles

Managing Director

David’s background is in engineering and business having spent many years in the oil & gas sector. After a shift, he developed a greater care for the environment and an interest in natural health and wellbeing.

David always loved trees and considers them to be the world’s most majestic organisms. “As a kid I spent a good number of my days in the trees, playing in tree-huts and making Tarzan swings.” David was one of the founders of Enzo Nutraceuticals as he pursued trying to unlock the health benefits of trees. “It is never ceases to amaze me when our customers get such huge health benefits from something that I enjoy so much.”

Dr. Matt Frevel

Chief Science Officier

Matt has a passion for sports, nature and science. The latter he combines perfectly at ENZO in leading the research program on ENZOGENOL®. Growing up he always wanted to know how things work in detail, which led him to become a scientist. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Otago where he started his academic career. Matt worked in cancer research in the US, Germany and NZ before joining ENZO in 2003.

His personal interests in nutrition, exercise and healthy eating totally align with his professional interest of providing well-researched, evidence based natural health products that he uses himself on a daily basis.

“During my academic research I was so fortunate to work on Enzogenol, and seeing the effectiveness of this extract I was very keen to get involved with the company. For over 16 years I have now been working to document the health benefits of Enzogenol and I am amazed that we still find new applications. The greatest motivator though is to hear the happy stories from people using the product.”