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Ecologically sustainable production has been our top priority

Since the company was founded in 1998, ecologically sustainable production of the Enzogenol® pine bark extract has been our top priority. The availability of our renewable and sustainable material resources, and the use of our chemical-free, ecologically friendly production process are the bases for our business, and have allowed us to produce a truly environmentally responsible and highly effective health product.


As a by-product of the timber industry, the use of New Zealand pine bark has no negative environmental impacts. The Pinus Radiata trees are grown in sustainably managed forest plantations precluding the harming of native flora and fauna.


The Enzogenol® production process was developed with sustainability in mind. No chemicals are used. The choice of pure water as the only solvent in the process means no harmful waste. The by-products are water and a fine bark mulch used for gardens, in compost mixes or as floor covering in stables.


Our new production facility is located in close proximity to pine forest plantations significantly decreasing fuel for transportation. All electricity used is certified carbon neutral and produced by water, wind or geothermal energy. Energy consumption is further minimised through the latest machinery as we strive to continually reduce our carbon footprint.