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Chemical Composition

This section explains the chemical composition of ENZOGENOL.

Enzogenol is a complex mixture of plant phenolic compounds including many different flavonoids and phenolic acids that occur naturally in the pine bark. Phenolic constituents include proanthocyanidins – these are oligo- or polymers of catechins. The proanthocyanidins (often referred to as OPCs = oligomeric proanthocyanidins) are the most abundent group of phenolics in Enzogenol with more than 80% by weight. Further, a diverse range of other flavonoids and related phenolics present in Enzogenol include the catechin, quercetin, taxifolin, piceatannol, and phenolic acids. Examples of these compounds are shown below.

Flavonoid general structure

Proanthocyanidin general structure
The most abundant flavonoids in Enzogenol are proanthocyanidins – dimers, trimers,… up to oligo- and polymers of catechins.

catechin  & epicatechin