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Glucose Tolerance

New research has shown that Enzogenol supports a healthy glucose response in people.*

The tight control of blood glucose levels is an important function of a healthy metabolism that our body depends on. Losing this ability is a gradual and slow process that can ultimately lead to impaired glucose tolerance, and in the worst case to type-2-diabetes. Long before we become glucose intolerant our ability to handle the sugar we eat can already be sub-optimal.*

This new clinical study in generally healthy, non-diabetic volunteers has shown that people with a less than optimal glucose response, 75% of the individuals in the study, benefited from Enzogenol consumption at a dose as small as 50 mg with an improved post-prandial glucose response in a 2-hour oral glucose tolerance test, and with a shift from sub-optimal mono-phasic blood glucose response to more optimal bi- and tri-phasic responses.*




This study has revealed that the majority of individuals having sub-optimal glucose responses can improve their body’s ability to clear glucose from the blood stream by taking as little as 50 mg of Enzogenol prior to meal time.* This finding applies to generally healthy people that do not have diabetes already. Hence, Enzogenol can help to maintain healthy glucose tolerance. *

Lim, WXJ et al., 2019. An acute, placebo­‐controlled, crossover study to assess the effects of New Zealand pine bark extract on glycaemic responses in healthy participants. Nutrients 2019 Conference: Nutritional Advances in the Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, Medsafe, TGA or other authorities. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.